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To provide environmental protection bonding solutions for the better life of humans.
Our core value is “first-consideration for employees, better-satisfaction from customers, united-teamwork, and keep humble, passionate, dedicated, active-learning". Our mission is to offer better glue products wholeheartedly, for that, we focus on hiring more professional talents, optimizing production process, improving automatic level, modifying ISO9001 & EHS14001 files, till now all of our products have gotten China Environment Mark Certification, some products quality are approved by European Standard.

Business Philosophy

Create A Happy Home Together

Culture Mission

Offering Glue Wholeheartedly

Company vision

Become A Leader In Waterborne

Run Policy

Heart Centered , Employees First

Management Policy

Better-satisfaction From Customers, United-teamwork,Embrace Change

Employment Policy

Keep Humble, Passionate, Dedicated, Active-learning

质量 目的

跨越 用户希冀 引颈 行业尺度

本钱 目的

手艺 刷新 消弭 铺张

情形 目的

节能降耗 循环运用

举动 宣言

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注重 妄想 训考勾搭 数据剖析 一连 改善


员工第一、用户知足 团队相助、拥抱转变 谦逊 、热情 、敬业、学习